The problem with the YouTube Pride 2018 video

So, YouTube just released their pride video for 2018, and it’s very disappointing. Every year, reading the comments on the year’s pride video makes me loose faith in humanity, just by seeing how disgusting some peoples’ attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people are. However, this isn’t what’s wrong with this year’s video. Yes, these atrocious comments are still there, but this year the video itself is worrying. The whole theme of the video can pretty much be summed up as “We’re LGBTQ+ so we’re great.”. They’re trying to say that LGBTQ+ content creators aren’t special because they create quality content, like with … Continue reading The problem with the YouTube Pride 2018 video

Why Sorting Ratings Is Harder Than It Seems

So, I was just trying to set up something that can sort ratings. At first, this seems simple, but the further you look into it, the more complicated it turns out to be.   I’m going to quickly define an example set of data here for me to use later in this rather long explanation: Item 1: 170 positive ratings 33 negative ratings This adds up to 203 total ratings, 83.74% of which are positive. Item 2: 1500 positive ratings 1000 negative ratings This adds up to 2500 total ratings, 60.00% of which are positive. Item 3: 1 positive rating … Continue reading Why Sorting Ratings Is Harder Than It Seems

Discord Emoji Packs

I’ve created a couple of emoji packs for Discord Nitro users. So far, there are eight of them, with each of them being an alphabet in a different colour. You can use the packs by clicking on the links below each preview image below. After clicking on the link, you will be prompted to join a Discord server – this server is read-only, and cannot be used to communicate with anyone. It simply exists to host the emojis for you to use.

If you do not have Discord Nitro, but would still like to use the packs, you can download the image files here



Continue reading “Discord Emoji Packs”


So, I just got shocked by my iPhone 5S whilst it was charging. Not enough of a shock to cause injury, but enough that it hurt. After poking around at it for a while, I have determined what appears to be the cause. First of all, the phone was plugged into two wires: A genuine Apple lightning charger, and a 3.5mm jack connected to the LINE IN port on an external USB sound card. I’m specifying that it was a genuine charger as I know that non-genuine ones often have safety concerns that could have directly caused this issue. I’ve … Continue reading Bzzzzzzt…

Soft Gingerbread Recipe

This is my recipe for making very soft gingerbread. I was originally following another recipe, but decided to change it up a little, with excellent results.   Ingredients Makes about 40-50. 350g plain white flour 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 3 teaspoons ground ginger 115g salted butter, cubed 225g soft light brown sugar 5.5 tablespoons golden syrup 1 egg, beaten   Method Preheat the oven to 190C, or 170C on a fan oven. Lightly grease 3 or 4 baking trays. Sift the flour, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and sugar into a bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until … Continue reading Soft Gingerbread Recipe

Physics – Quantum Computing

Google has been coming up with a strategy to demonstrate quantum supremacy, using their experimental quantum computer that they have been working on for quite some time. What is Quantum Supremacy? Quantum supremacy is the claim that quantum computers can perform tasks that no current computers can handle. It is widely assumed that we will eventually reach quantum supremacy, but nobody has done it yet because the few experimental quantum computers that currently exist can only run a small number of specialised algorithms. What is Google’s Plan? Google’s plan is based on simulating coin flips. For an ordinary computer, this … Continue reading Physics – Quantum Computing