Guest WiFi Access Terms

This page outlines the terms that you must agree to in order to use the Guest WiFi service. Please read it in its entirety.


1) Restrictions

You must not use the Service to:

  1. Facilitate illegal activities, including accessing illegal content using the network
  2. Intentionally slow down the network for other users
  3. Do anything which you are specifically requested not to do by the Network Administrator.


2) Fair Use

To ensure everybody is able to access the Service, you must not access any high-bandwidth sites without prior permission. This primarily includes any form of video streaming websites.


3) Waiver of Responsibility

You understand that we do not accept any responsibility for any consequences of your use of the Service. You agree to hold us unaccountable for any such consequences.


4) Change of Restrictions

You understand that we, as the providers of the Service, may change these restrictions at any time, without warning.

You also understand that we may impose further restrictions, either on all users or on specific users, at any time without having to update this page. However, users will be notified in either of these cases.