In the summer of 2018, Camps International will be running a trip to Kenya, which I am keen to go on. To do this, I must raise £4,000

The trip is split into four sections: Community, WildlifeEnvironment, and Adventure.


The community section of the trip focuses on working alongside local communities to help out some of the world’s poorest people in many ways, such as ensuring they have access to clean, safe drinking water. Unclean water leads to infection and disease, reducing quality and length of life. Previously, Camps International have helped supply safe drinking water by digging wells and installing pumps; and implementing filtration systems to clean existing water supplies. They have also helped install water tanks so that rainwater can be effectively and safely collected.


The wildlife section of the trip focuses on conservation work to protect local wildlife, such as:

  • Digging watering holes for thirsty elephants
  • Building huts for anti-poaching rangers
  • Vaccinating livestock
  • Planning environmental education workshops for locals
  • Making paper out of elephant dung


The environment section of the trip focuses on protecting the environment, through projects such as replanting trees and collecting litter washed up on coastlines. Litter in the ocean can kill vast numbers of creatures, such as birds, turtles and dolphins. On the trip to Kenya, I will be helping to clean up beaches, doing my bit to save the planet.


The adventure section of the trip focuses on experiencing some of the magnificent things that you can do in Kenya; from climbing Mount Kenya, to scuba diving along its coasts, and trekking through the jungle along the pathways that the local wildlife use.

Visiting Kenya would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, which I can’t bear to pass up. Not only would I be experiencing something amazing, I would also be making a difference to those who need it the most.