Words Have Power

Words carry meaning.

Words have a lot of power due to one simple reason: Words carry meaning. Whilst words themselves may just be a series of strange noises, those strange noises mean things to us. They can convey news, telling us about things we didn’t know. They can convey compliments, things that make us feel happy or good about ourselves. They can convey idle small talk, things that don’t really matter, but we still talk about to pass the time. Or they can convey insults. Attacks on our personalities designed to hurt us. To damage us. This is where their true, dark power comes from.

Whilst it is true that sticks and stones may physically injure you, breaking bones, physical injuries will eventually heal over time. Words, however, can injure us psychologically. And this type of injury can sometimes never heal. They can permanently change how we see ourselves. They can make us hate the very person who we are. They can even drive us to take our own lives.

This is why they are dangerously powerful. Words can lead us to do things that we would never otherwise consider doing. And the worst part about this is that words affect everyone in different ways. One person will be deeply affected by something that another person wouldn’t bat an eyelid at. Some people might not be affected by anything people say, whilst others may struggle to cope.

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