Words Have Power

The internet makes things worse.

The internet makes the power of words even stronger. Now, with the internet, we can say things to people that we’d never consider saying to their face. And this isn’t good at all. When you’re speaking to someone in person, you subconsciously put limits on yourself, controlling how far you’ll go with insulting them. On the internet, these limits disappear. You no longer feel like you’re talking to an actual person – it’s all just words on a screen.

When you speak to someone’s face, you won’t try to tear their self-esteem to pieces. You’ll limit yourself because you know perfectly well that if you go too far, you’re going to get hit. There’s the threat of immediate consequences for your actions, so you control yourself. When you’re on the internet, there are no such consequences. You could destroy a person through things you say to them, without ever realising how much your words are meaning to them.

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