Words Have Power

The power of words can be good, too.

Words don’t only have the power to do terrible things like these, however. Words can have the power to do amazing things.

It’s possible to talk people out of taking their own lives. Just think about that for a second. Someone may be completely sure that they want to kill themselves, but yet we can make these strange noises at them, and change their minds. Words can save lives.

And why can words do this? For the exact same reason they can cause so much harm – they carry meaning. Words can show somebody that you care about them, that you love them, that life is worth living.

It’s thanks to words that we are where we are today. Without language, we would have never come this far as a species. You wouldn’t be sitting here reading this post – you’d be sitting in a cave, next to a fire, hitting rocks together to sharpen a stone that you’d later use to kill an animal for your dinner.

Thanks to language, and therefore thanks to words, we are able to work together. We stop being billions of individuals who can’t make a difference on their own and become one body, one entity which can work together to achieve great things.

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